Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Some recent thing I did...

I was watching Nona in September, and a man was showing some forgotten traditional Malay accessories and explaining what they are for. It was really fascinating. Thus, here is a redesign of the accessories on a fantasy character. She would be the daughter of a very influential man (not necessarily the head of the village).

After watching Beowulf and reading Elfquest, I attempted to design a fantasy warrior that lives in cold regions. Yet, it looks too Waterbend-ish...


Here are some really old stuffs I did some time ago (even dating back to 2006, wow!). Most of them are just random doodles.

Do you watch Avatar:The Last Airbender? Well, The Headband episode kinda strikes me funny because it looks as if that Katara and Aang were doing a bit of capoeira... so, yeah...

My colleague, Aimo, has an amazing superpower... she somehow seems to be turbocharged with crazy 'shocking' abilities O_O true story, I swear!

Some character, background, and prop designs I made for my boyfriend last year. He wants to model them in 3D and animate them to a one minute audio clip

She's just desperate for a bit of loving, I assure you...

A feline woman and a couple of dudes...

A really thin guy above, and some girl playing with a ball below:

Monday, November 19, 2007


Here I am, with my first blog. I'm sure most of you will be wondering what the heck 'kusut masai' is, or why I chose that in the first place.

'Kusut masai' is a Malay word for anything that's messy, tangled, and all-over-the-place chaotic. I'm not creative with words, so I'll try not to spam this site with nonsensical ramblings. Instead, I'm hoping it will represent my other ensemble of chaos - Snippets of doodles and its like; what I see, how I interpret my perceptions, and how they are born.

Without further ado, welcome to my little attic :)