Thursday, February 16, 2012

My City

I have been listening to this song lately; while I don't exactly live in Kuala Lumpur, I have had enough experience to want to stay away from it (just to avoid the noise, busy life and crazy traffic). Anyway, I just thought it would be fun to loosely translate another local song.

I really love how poetic the words can be. It's really fun.

KOTARAYAKU (My City) - by Ultimet featuring Noh Hujan

Oh My city
A thousand and one tales
Forever engraved in your streets

This is the city that often says
If you're bold come and try me out
Who wants to be dared in everything
The city welcomes you with open arms

"What are your intentions?", when asked
The city will smile nonchalantly
Whatever you want, they're all poison
Come into my abode, come in, come in

So many secrets kept within
So many true stories with witnesses/victims
Some failures, some successes
Some just passing by, some achieving goals

Some are wealthy beyond belief
With too little rice but too much gravy
Some are lucky and some are unfortunate
Same old story with different characters
In Kuala Lumpur

Oh Kuala Lumpur
You never sleep
Nursing/Waking * fading dreams
Oh my city
A thousand and one tales
Forever engraved in your streets

In the city of two faces
It says honey but feeds you vinegar
After a caress, it breaks your heart
Steps on you after entertaining you

It swallows you in and quickly spits you out
A temporary affair with neverending regrets
Flashing lights blinding your hearts
Living a fast life in slow traffic

It doesn't joke but it is consistently laid back*
Scenery changes when the night descends
Watching the unwanted youths
Racing onwards on horsepower

Don't misbehave, try to fight back worries*
A lit candle and chasing ***** vapours
Where many have failed in its trials
Many still dare to challenge it
In Kuala Lumpur


I rest on its sidewalks
That has become a stop to reflect thoughts
I realized the city is only a theater
A live opera playing on its stage


( * = not sure about context)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Black Kitty

A quick rough doodle using ZBrush4R2