Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sometimes, my family doesn't know what it is that I do daily. It's easy to say "the usual", when in fact everyday is somehow a new experience for me:

An interesting/disturbing banner I saw on the way to work (during election time). I had a hard time getting a good picture of this since I was always in a moving car and it was really windy. It's basically the opposition 'advising' us to 'destroy nation's pest', namely (according to the image) the current party at that time. But in my opinion, this is really too personal an attack and I might say a little juvenile. It's been taken down already.

My happy little working corner, where some visual sequences for the storyboard (of the Saladin TV series) are born... and mayhap a doodle or two.

I am surrounded by interesting and creative colleagues who put putty erasers to good use.

I sure hope Putty Man has learned his lesson.

I love playing Dungeons & Dragons with my colleagues. We always have it at least once per week after work.

An interesting architecture I saw on the way back from Cheras today.

I go home to my awesome house mate/big brother, Richie...

...and my adorable cats, Raisin and Spunky, who have a good idea on how to end the day.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I think I'm obsessed with drawing strange faces.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I haven't been looking into my DA account until recently, and I'm not really proud about that.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


For my wedding? Maybe...


My tribute to Bill Watterson, who made newspapers so much fun to read and my childhood normal.


My favourite cranky tomcat of a detective, John Blacksad. The first two are my attempt to go at it by memory, and the last one is finally done with reference. Character rightly belongs to Juan Díaz Canales (writer) and Juanjo Guarnido (artist).


My submission for the Tabularasa 'zine last August.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Some wonky fanart I decided not to finish (I plan on doing a better one). I love ElfQuest, and I love Kahvi.


Some roughs while hijacking a colleague's pc.


World, meet the man I'm marrying :D well, not really... 1 geek point to whoever can guess who this is. I love freaking Jijoe out with this uncanny resemblance. Thanks to Aimo, Hanie and Eisu for pointing that out. Love you guys!

Picture ganked off the internet. Yes, yes... I'll get back to drawing...

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Yay! Colours! I got lazy in the middle of a 'Pan's Labyrinth' fanart, and kind of diverted to a tribal/warrior girl design.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


It's over, and we'll see what will happen for the next four years... I hope this will open some eyes up there, but there's no telling what damage or victory that the people have gained. Personally, I think it would do the nation good if:

1. The education system of the country is improved, as everything normally starts from there. Raise a country of intelligent, civil-minded people. As of now, it almost seem as if we're a country of drones - everything is spoon-fed and "do as they say". In relation to that, Malay Lit Under Threat is something worth reading as it reflects on how the current education system is like. I should head to bookstores now.

2. Since we have no control of the price of fuel, why not improve the mass transit? We may not be as small as Singapore, but hey... with so many resources in our country, why not make it accessible for people (especially those who can't afford a car) to go anywhere they want? It will be brilliant.

On a lighter note, I'm looking out for this: Sims 3 Tease. Time to save money all over again.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


How long can we stay quiet?
Just something that has been ticking in the back of my mind; I really hate it when the world loses a little of its vibrancy every time I approach reality. I think it's safer to not say it at all, although some frustrations are beginning to show (I'm not entitled to free speech). Anyway, this was spawned quite sometime ago. I guess that little discussion over lunch pushed to this. I'm not sure when I'll get round to sit down and work on it since I'm not much of a storyteller.

I dream of a world of honesty, peace, liberty, dignity, and honour (more intelligence would be nicer). Also some place to regain my sanity... or just take me back to the time when Care Bears rule my reality.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

GACC, Malacca

I spent the weekend attending the Games Anime Comic Convention which was held in Multimedia University, Malacca. I've been to local comic conventions before (which usually favor manga and anime), and so far I really enjoyed this one. The scope is wide, and there is always something to do aside from browsing from one booth to another. It is also highly interactive as visitors who are not familiar with this 'culture' are encouraged to participate in other activities like board games, card games, the game consoles demos, etc. Also, I have to thank Eisu for giving me a brush pen .. without it, I won't have these:

Unfortunately, the brush pen ran out of ink in the end... there's no better way to end its short life I guess.

By the way... if you happen to go to Malacca, do drop by this rastaurant, Ole Sayang. I've never tasted a better Nyonya food as how they served it there. It was so good, I never did have the chance to take pictures (of the food) the moment it landed on the table.