Saturday, March 8, 2008


It's over, and we'll see what will happen for the next four years... I hope this will open some eyes up there, but there's no telling what damage or victory that the people have gained. Personally, I think it would do the nation good if:

1. The education system of the country is improved, as everything normally starts from there. Raise a country of intelligent, civil-minded people. As of now, it almost seem as if we're a country of drones - everything is spoon-fed and "do as they say". In relation to that, Malay Lit Under Threat is something worth reading as it reflects on how the current education system is like. I should head to bookstores now.

2. Since we have no control of the price of fuel, why not improve the mass transit? We may not be as small as Singapore, but hey... with so many resources in our country, why not make it accessible for people (especially those who can't afford a car) to go anywhere they want? It will be brilliant.

On a lighter note, I'm looking out for this: Sims 3 Tease. Time to save money all over again.

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Aya said...

Kyaaaaa XDXDXD betul tu! betul tu! Sims 3~~~~ *Drooollllll*

Oh! I read the article. hohohoho. lama tak nampak pakcik janggut putih yang kita slalu nampak tu mel!