Sunday, March 2, 2008

GACC, Malacca

I spent the weekend attending the Games Anime Comic Convention which was held in Multimedia University, Malacca. I've been to local comic conventions before (which usually favor manga and anime), and so far I really enjoyed this one. The scope is wide, and there is always something to do aside from browsing from one booth to another. It is also highly interactive as visitors who are not familiar with this 'culture' are encouraged to participate in other activities like board games, card games, the game consoles demos, etc. Also, I have to thank Eisu for giving me a brush pen .. without it, I won't have these:

Unfortunately, the brush pen ran out of ink in the end... there's no better way to end its short life I guess.

By the way... if you happen to go to Malacca, do drop by this rastaurant, Ole Sayang. I've never tasted a better Nyonya food as how they served it there. It was so good, I never did have the chance to take pictures (of the food) the moment it landed on the table.


Aya said...

Cool drawings as always Mel! ^^ Ngihihihihi!

[Large and in charge] said...

Love this one...mebbe one of this days you gonna design one for my blog's banner???