Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sometimes, my family doesn't know what it is that I do daily. It's easy to say "the usual", when in fact everyday is somehow a new experience for me:

An interesting/disturbing banner I saw on the way to work (during election time). I had a hard time getting a good picture of this since I was always in a moving car and it was really windy. It's basically the opposition 'advising' us to 'destroy nation's pest', namely (according to the image) the current party at that time. But in my opinion, this is really too personal an attack and I might say a little juvenile. It's been taken down already.

My happy little working corner, where some visual sequences for the storyboard (of the Saladin TV series) are born... and mayhap a doodle or two.

I am surrounded by interesting and creative colleagues who put putty erasers to good use.

I sure hope Putty Man has learned his lesson.

I love playing Dungeons & Dragons with my colleagues. We always have it at least once per week after work.

An interesting architecture I saw on the way back from Cheras today.

I go home to my awesome house mate/big brother, Richie...

...and my adorable cats, Raisin and Spunky, who have a good idea on how to end the day.


mattcrap said...

i love how you show your workstation and then jump right into pictures of you guys screwing around w/ putty.

good stuff

rippa said...

ah! kucing comel! suke!