Monday, April 28, 2008


Some old relic I managed to dig up while clearing my desk. I think I did it in 2006...

Rest In Peace, Mel

Last Saturday, I received a call from a friend I haven't been in contact with for a long time. Strangely, he sounded relieved after confirming my name. Apparently he heard that I got into a car accident on Friday night and passed away. I was really freaked out. He insisted that it was a Melissa of our batch, and I reminded him that there were three of us at that time - an Indian Mel, a Chinese Mel, and then me.

Shortly after that, my fiance's friends called him to check if he was doing okay. I wondered if it was a rumour at first, so I logged into Yahoo! to pass on the message that I'm okay, and it could possibly be someone else. Not long after that my friend confirmed that it was the other girl that I knew, Melissa Tjen.

It was an awkward feeling. Although we were of the same batch and we had talked a few times before we graduated, she left enough impression that she was an absolutely sweet person. Life was too short for her, but God loved her more.

Rest in Peace, Mel.

--- What I read today ---

How the Blogsphere Changed Us
Apr 28, 2008 at 06:21 AM

Most people do not know how significant is the Internet to us. Let me give you an idea on how much it contributed (at least from my point of view) to me.
  • Fall of A Government
  • Facebook Memorial

1. Building a Nation

Malaysia has always been known to suppress it's people from critisizing back at the country's government. What other channel to complain and to voice out our dissatisfaction other than the Internet?

Hundreds of bloggers are in Malaysia have large followings who would like to find out what were hidden from them in the newspaper reports. The more the people find out about the truth, the more they believe the government is not doing its best and wanted to change.

Thus last election saw Malaysia as the first country in the world which political scene was shaken because of the internet. The internet nearly changed the government. Five states fell to the opposition and the rulling party barely have half of th parliment represented. The ruling government tried to follow the internet savvy opposition and have ministers and representatives start their own blog. It is kinda late, but they are trying to catch up. We will see how it end up soon. A year from now, the blogs would most probably be collecting webdusts.

2. Facebook Memorial

On Sunday, I attended a funeral of a friend from my unversity days. It's been a while since I've seen her but she was close to my other friends. The tragic news of her demise was actually spread through facebook and Yahoo Messenger.

Apparently her brother who has access to her contacts have been using her profile in facebook to send out notices and post updates on the funeral for her friends. Being a popular girl, the gathering at her wake was huge. She was a Chinese Muslim and the huge turnout at the mosque for her prayers and burial of her non-muslim friends overwhelm the numbers of Muslims in the mosque by 4:1!

Her facebook page is now a memorial with friends posting Condolences and also recalling her best memories.

Melissa Tjen - RIP (1982-2008)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


No new pictures today, except a few rantings.

Anyway, there was a major blackout in Sabah (Monday, 21st April 2008, around 6.15pm), being that 90% of the state was engulfed in total darkness for more than six hours. I was worried when none of my family members picked up the phone/hp. You can guess that as a daughter, sister, and a cartoonist (in a way), my mind started playing unwanted scenarios in my head. I'm just glad that my mom called me back an hour later. It turned out that my family members were all hanging out on the porch.

So today, I was reading the news again and it pretty much explains the big blackout. Some hooligans removed steel pieces from a 132kV transmission tower at Suang Parai, causing it to collapse which, quote: "tripping all SESB and independent power plants connected to the various grids". For all the thieves' trouble, they can sell those scraps for only RM40. What about the loss the state suffered?

I hate THIEVES. A lot. They have no regard of how hard you worked for what you have. They never even considered the consequences that followed, be it to themselves or to others. Is it that hard to lift a finger to find an honest job, or at least wait until you're able to afford what you want (I can't forgive those stupid kids who stole my brother's PS2 and my stacks of comics)? I hope those stupids would soon be caught and punished. Or Karma will get back at them.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Random doodles from my 'sketchbook'

Thursday, April 17, 2008


So many secrets, so few to trust.
Pattern by Elbereth-De-Lioncour, BG texture by Ro-Stock.


I need to practice more on drawing animals.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Some sketches. I'm better at drawing girls than hunky guys (I'm sad), but that doesn't mean my anatomy is fantastic. Oh well... more years ahead of me.


Something I whipped up in the office after hours (took me a good half hour before I gave up), and I don't intend to finish it at all. Why? I don't know... maybe I hate the cat, or maybe the overall composition.

That's one ugly gato.

A close up of the girl, which is the only part I like out of this piece.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


My guy stumbled upon a very sweet song, and it took us back to how everything started. He described me being a rabbit; everytime he comes close, I'd scoot away faster than you can say "holy haberdash". How he finally caught up to me, I'll never know...

(Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz)

You know you’re stunning
You’re absolutely stunning
And I’m running always running
And now I’m crying
It’s only cause I’m caring
And if you were more daring
Maybe you’d stop staring
And come over and talk to me
Tell me bout how you’ve been waiting so patiently
And how you tried but I just turned away
And I’ll say yeah well you know,
I’m shy that way

Shy that way
Maybe I’m shy that way

Ohh you know you’re stunning
You’re absolutely stunning
But you’re always runnin
But I’ll catch up to you
The way you keep your distance is
Keeping my interest
So I’ll keep it persistent
Ohh maybe someday
Someway, somehow in some town
We’ll get together and
We’ll break it down
And I’ll ask why you’ve been
so shy, gotta be that way
Maybe baby, oh love, I like it that way

Shy that way
You know I love you so shy,
Shy that way

So keep it comin comin comin comin
Shy that way

There’s always too much talking
And I wanna just keep walking
But I keep staring baby
Keep staring
Though I may not know the right things to say
I’ll get it out to you one day

I’m shy that way
You’re shy that way
Do you like it
Do you like it?
When I’m shy this way?
Yes I like it
Yes I like it
When you’re shy

Shy that way

I like it
I like it shy
You know it’s alright, it’s ok
Cause we’re
Shy that way…

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


A collaboration with Oniyon (lineart by me, fantastic colour by Oniyon). Dessert, anyone?