Saturday, June 14, 2008


Some quick sketches of Marvel characters, on 3X5 inches of paper.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's been a while since my last update, but here is a quickie I did some time ago.

I sometimes play Dungeons & Dragons with my colleagues once a week after work. Here is my character, Eerom, named notably for her black hair. She qualifies as a half-elf, since both of her parents are half-elves. As a result, her right eye is green whereas the other is light brown, her ears are less pronounced, and she stands at 5'4".

Character class: FIGHTER
Weaponry: 2 dwarven axes and a short bow
Armory: chain mail and leather.
She has yet to upgrade from level two (I'm horrible at throwing dice).

Eerom's life story is a dull one; she was raised by her elven grandmother (who was raised by humans, thus diluting certain elven etiquettes or approach to certain things), and they both shared a strained relationship until her grandmother kicked her out (Eerom doesn't know whether it was because she set the curtains on fire, or because she was caught flirting with grandma's boyfriend).

Eerom never knew who her parents are (grandma refuses to mention her mother's name), and neither does Eerom care. All she knew was that her mother ran away from home, met up with her father, and a year later grandma found little Eerom dumped at her doorstep with a single letter which read: "Congrats! You're a grandma! Her daddy's half-elf by the way."

The next 21 years were hell for grandma since Eerom does not inherit much elven grace. She's lousy when it comes to housework, and their family business of crockeries have suffered greatly while under her watch. It was then decided that she has a knack for destruction, something she might inherit from her deceased human grandfather who was a barbarian (grandma fondly remembers him being macho). Unbeknown to her, she might inherit the talent from her biological father who might happen to be a fighter as well.

Not long after she got booted out of her grandmother's home, she joined her current traveling companions by stalking the group's conveniently attractive ranger... whose true love is gold (She was ready to get drunk in the town bar, until she saw him. She then used the money for the beer to buy armor and weapons instead so she could tag along. It took a while before everyone slowly noticed her). This is due to the fact that she has an unhealthy streak of infatuation/obsession/attraction towards pretty things, whether it has a pulse or not.

As far as Eerom's concerned, she would tail them around until another "pretty thing" shows up for her to follow...

Pencil and ink on paper, coloured in photoshop.


Doodles from my sketch book.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Freelancer's Guide to Charging Projects

What I read today:
How to charge a Project? The Freelancer's Rate Card
Written by: Lee Yow Chuan (financial planner)
Affiliate of
(This article is from
...I need to readjust my lifestyle. It doesn't help with the rise of petrol price and everything else.