Friday, February 27, 2009

2 Weeks...

I can't seem to sleep well these nights, and it's giving me headaches and art blocks. I will definitely take on my friends' advices.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Time for me to hit the gym. Future note - sweet treats mean sabotage.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


1. The rough done in Painter.

2. Switching to Photoshop - filling in the colour on a separate layer underneath the rough.

3. Removing the rough sketch and adding slight lighting details.

4. Darkening the shaded areas.

5. Highlights.

6. Colour adjustment.

7. Framing it. I couldn't find any good colour to go with the mood, so I'll leave it be at the moment.

8. Final, with texture.

Any moment now, she will give up and hit the gym. Elsewhere, a 'friend' knows her cupcake plan has worked. In the living room, a husband/boyfriend finds some excuse to go out and evade the dreaded "Do you think I'm fat?" question.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another hot night

Heatwave can be quite annoying - I couldn't sleep again. All done in Adobe Photoshop without reference. I just want to point out that halfway, I got lazy... that's why I never bothered with her pants.


2. Filling in the base

3. Thoroughly filling in and adding slight detail.

4. Adding highlights and shade.

5. Refining more details.

6. Framing it.

7. Changing the colour of the background to make her stand out more.

8. Textures, by Dazzle-Textures and Ro-Stock

9. Final - Colour correction. Now that it is 'finished', I noticed that her right arm and shoulder is kind of short and uncomfortable to look at.... gah..

Monday, February 16, 2009


I've drawn way too many girls, so I decided to doodle a guy instead. All of these are done in Adobe Photoshop, and 'eyeballed' without reference:

1. The rough

2. Adding darker shades

3. Fine tuning the darker areas.

4. Fleshing it out (ba-dump-bump-tish!) by adding darker shades and highlights.

5. Colour correction and adding a tinge of blue on darker areas.

6. Hints of red, because that's what all mammals bleed.

7. Outline and background change (and yes, I can't seem to lay off textures)

It's far from accurate, but it's a start. Anyone who compares him to Dr Manhattan, he's gonna visit you in your sleep and sprinkle you with fairy dust.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post Valentine

Instead of fancy dinners, a bouquet of roses, and boxes of chocolate, Joe and I roll with Little Big Planet on the PS3. Who needs Valentine if you love each other every day?
Happy Belated one, everyone <3

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The initial sketch done in Painter.

Inking digitally over it, also in Painter.

Filling in the basic colours in Painter.

Fleshing it out by adding shades, shadows, and highlights; all smudged/blended together later.

Slapping on some background colours because I'm too lazy to clean up the edges.

Switching to Photoshop - with the Lock Transparency on, I begin colouring over the outline layer (since the sketch, outline, colour, bg, and texture on this piece are done on separate layers. It will not work if everything is slapped on the same layer).

Polishing the edges a bit more.

The final artwork with textures.

Joe pulled up a chair next to me. "Looks naughty," he said.
"Yeah." I agreed to him with a slight nod.
He let me fill in some more colours before he asked again. "So why suspenders?"
I shrugged. "I don't know... It's the first thing that came to mind." I answered earnestly.

Yep. Trying a quick style, but I still fail at skin. Not to mention bad colour composition.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Purple Heart

So I thought I could pull it off, but I proved myself wrong (It's horrid and lame, I know). Another time then. Photoshop Brush pattern by Elbereth-De-Lioncour, background textures by Dazzle-Textures and Ro-Stock.

Uhmm... Oniyon and I made vanilla cupcakes (recipe from with chocolate ganache topping for the weekend.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday is so blue, it bled purple

My Monday started very badly.

Last week, I changed the passwords of my email addresses, but somehow I was unable to get into my primary email account, Hotmail. I suspect that I was unwell in the midst of re-passwording (not a real word, kiddies), so I may not be thinking straight at all (although I am very sure that I had set the passwords correctly). Thus, after being bounced out after several tries, I decided to set the account to reset my password and send it to my alternate email.

However, I failed to check if I did set an alternate email address in my Hotmail account, and I have forgotten the details for the alternative reset option (the whole location, postcode, and secret answer thingamajiggy). I think I may have failed to update my account at all before this (I have been moving around a lot for the past 11 years).

I have even tried to check if I can contact MSN for help, but I could not find any direct numbers to Help Center. So far, they only direct me to help sites which ironically suggest logging in first. I have been waiting for over a day for my reset passwords to come... and yes, that initial fear has been realized.

I have lost my Hotmail account to the swirling vortex called the Internet forever, along with important clients' contacts and freelance details that I may never be able to recover.

Man, I am such a moron.

My only consolation is that I have two other functioning emails.

It's all okay!! I have finally gotten my Hotmail back, wheeee!!!!