Monday, February 16, 2009


I've drawn way too many girls, so I decided to doodle a guy instead. All of these are done in Adobe Photoshop, and 'eyeballed' without reference:

1. The rough

2. Adding darker shades

3. Fine tuning the darker areas.

4. Fleshing it out (ba-dump-bump-tish!) by adding darker shades and highlights.

5. Colour correction and adding a tinge of blue on darker areas.

6. Hints of red, because that's what all mammals bleed.

7. Outline and background change (and yes, I can't seem to lay off textures)

It's far from accurate, but it's a start. Anyone who compares him to Dr Manhattan, he's gonna visit you in your sleep and sprinkle you with fairy dust.


Hanie said...

does he leave fairy cakes too? hahahaha
I probably should draw more dudes too. my dudes look like gals

Mel Celestial said...

With cherry and sprinkles on the top, Hanie :D

Raccoon General said...

But I like ur girls!! :P

akuka said...

he's missing what define him the most


Mel Celestial said...

I'm sorry, Akuka...
the kids are watching :b