Thursday, February 19, 2009


1. The rough done in Painter.

2. Switching to Photoshop - filling in the colour on a separate layer underneath the rough.

3. Removing the rough sketch and adding slight lighting details.

4. Darkening the shaded areas.

5. Highlights.

6. Colour adjustment.

7. Framing it. I couldn't find any good colour to go with the mood, so I'll leave it be at the moment.

8. Final, with texture.

Any moment now, she will give up and hit the gym. Elsewhere, a 'friend' knows her cupcake plan has worked. In the living room, a husband/boyfriend finds some excuse to go out and evade the dreaded "Do you think I'm fat?" question.


Raccoon General said...

I want her phone number! :P Gimme her phone number! She's haawwwwttt~!

Hanie said...

LOL! What 'cupcake' plan??? LOLOLOL XD

Damn I want her apples haha

Faizal said...

love it.. the expression on her face is just priceless.. nice detail work sandra!! :D

Faizal said...

woops.. i meant mel!! hahaha.. sorry mel!!

Mel Celestial said...

ANDRI: Well, I could, but she'd rather get busy up in the gym. You might find her there :b

HANIE: Let's make more cupcakes! :D Apple crumble cupcakes!

FAIZAL: 'Sandra'?? XD Oh dear... Thanks btw!