Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday is so blue, it bled purple

My Monday started very badly.

Last week, I changed the passwords of my email addresses, but somehow I was unable to get into my primary email account, Hotmail. I suspect that I was unwell in the midst of re-passwording (not a real word, kiddies), so I may not be thinking straight at all (although I am very sure that I had set the passwords correctly). Thus, after being bounced out after several tries, I decided to set the account to reset my password and send it to my alternate email.

However, I failed to check if I did set an alternate email address in my Hotmail account, and I have forgotten the details for the alternative reset option (the whole location, postcode, and secret answer thingamajiggy). I think I may have failed to update my account at all before this (I have been moving around a lot for the past 11 years).

I have even tried to check if I can contact MSN for help, but I could not find any direct numbers to Help Center. So far, they only direct me to help sites which ironically suggest logging in first. I have been waiting for over a day for my reset passwords to come... and yes, that initial fear has been realized.

I have lost my Hotmail account to the swirling vortex called the Internet forever, along with important clients' contacts and freelance details that I may never be able to recover.

Man, I am such a moron.

My only consolation is that I have two other functioning emails.

It's all okay!! I have finally gotten my Hotmail back, wheeee!!!!

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