Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The initial sketch done in Painter.

Inking digitally over it, also in Painter.

Filling in the basic colours in Painter.

Fleshing it out by adding shades, shadows, and highlights; all smudged/blended together later.

Slapping on some background colours because I'm too lazy to clean up the edges.

Switching to Photoshop - with the Lock Transparency on, I begin colouring over the outline layer (since the sketch, outline, colour, bg, and texture on this piece are done on separate layers. It will not work if everything is slapped on the same layer).

Polishing the edges a bit more.

The final artwork with textures.

Joe pulled up a chair next to me. "Looks naughty," he said.
"Yeah." I agreed to him with a slight nod.
He let me fill in some more colours before he asked again. "So why suspenders?"
I shrugged. "I don't know... It's the first thing that came to mind." I answered earnestly.

Yep. Trying a quick style, but I still fail at skin. Not to mention bad colour composition.


Raccoon General said...

I love it! It's cartoony, quirky and absolutely cheeky! If this is a new style ur going, I fullu endorse it! heheheh...

Suspenders. It's not that EXACTLY, actually its more about elasticity. You know, tug, pull...then release and it snaps back. Not just that but anything...related to...womens apparel... inclusive of bra straps and such :P

Faizal said...

whenever i think of suspenders, i always think of Urkel! :D

Hanie said...

Nice la ~ i love her expression and body gesture!

Mel Celestial said...

Thanks, guys :) Andri, I am enlightened :D Did you say Urkel, Faizal? I love that dude! XD

Bobby Pontillas said...

I love your sketches! They have a great energy and alot of personality!

Also, thanks for linking to my site, I'm honored!