Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Marvel Masterpieces 3

Marvel Masterpiece 3 is out soon, and thus the reason why it took me almost forever since my last creative post. I had loads of fun with it despite minor frustrations (way too many universes I can't settle for, very few clear references, art blocks, bad anatomy, sweaty palms, shaky lines, ink smudges, procrastination... etc).

Also, it was the best canvas to practice my new markers on! :D Thanks again guys, for the fantastic prezzie!

Below are my contributions to MM3. Captain Mar-Vell is drawn by me. On the right is the cover for the MM3 sets, done by the incredible and talented James Jean:

This is where I started going crazy with my new markers. A few botches here and there, but I'm quite happy with how some of them turn out :)

100 pieces! Done, approved, and over with! Whew! *lies down on the floor*



Such beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work. These cards are so overly detailed but in a good way. I am jealous of their recipients. Great illustrations - not only on these but throughout this blog.


Fara said...

Marvelous my child. Marvelous! Muehehehe!

Ms eNVy said...

marveliciously marvelous! .. you are just so good! ;)