Thursday, November 18, 2010


The long awaited and hyped about Malaysian-made animated series is going on TV1 this Saturday! Huzzah!

Official Site
Based on a historical Middle-eastern figure, this series follows his fictional adventures (and misadventures) as a teenager with a cast of colourful friends - so expect lots of sword fights and humour wherever they go!

NOTE: I didn't make the poster, but Cheah and Kucha did. However, I did work on this series for almost 4 years (as a storyboard artist) alongside a crew of AH-MAAAAAAAZINGG talents. Do check them out and know I'm not kidding when I say they rock ;)

Steve Bristow
Syed AlMashoor
Chi-Ren Choong (slash script writer)

Assistant Director(s)

Character Designer
Sandra Khoo (main)
Aimee (assistant)

Concept Artists
Jun Ning (Art Director)

Storyboard Artists
Note: Eisu and Hanie did work their magic in storyboarding too :D

Cheah (3D visualizer)
Kucha (Web Designer)


Oh, the love!! It was a great honour working with all of them :D So don't forget to tune in to TV1, 7.30pm Saturdays (or 9.30am Sundays for reruns) and don't forget to spread the news


efa fairuz said...

wow! 4 years of hard works! it must be amazing watching all the efforts turning out good n aired on tv!

btw belum sempat tgk lagi.. must add into must-watch tv program list ni.. :D

well done guys! :D

Mel C said...

Thanks Efa :) It was a fun ride!

red said...

cam ne nak dapatkan cd/dvd saladin ni??

Mel C said...

Red: Rasanya belum keluar lagi. Mungkin selepas episod 13 ditayangkan (dvd untuk season 1)

efa fairuz said...

i like duncan.. he's kinda hot with tony eusoff's voice :p

Mel C said...

Efa: Welcome to the club! <--(one of the early fans)

Anmber said...

Salam and congratulations on your success. Is this available in English? If so, where can I buy it? I am in Dubai. Please let me know

Mel Celestial said...

Waalaikumsalam and thank you, Anmber :) Yes, the series is available in English. I am not sure when it is available in dvd or so yet, but I will definitely let you know when it is out

beloved said...

oohh is nice animation!!! LOVE IT!!
im been working on the modeling & lipsync for the english and arabic(mostly) version.. although i dont understand arabic but at least i able to do it!!! YEAH!


Anonymous said...

where is its link???? for downloading plz send me???? at

anybody plz specially in english

Anonymous said...

i really love this series
unfortunately i still didnt finish watching it eventhough i'm malaysian..
so,is there any link that i can watch full series of this great cartoon??

or any download link??
plz send to my email:

thank you for ur great effort=))

Sakura Chan said...

Is this in English??? I live in the United States and really want to show my kids. If anyone could let me know where to the get the dvd or something, it would be great :) I've looked everywhere on the net and am pretty desperate by this point...

Sususuiiii said...

I would alao love a link in english please���� or a dvd would do it. Please is it availble?