Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I come from a very mixed family, be it race or religion; so it's no surprise that even if my family and I are Muslims, we'd still wrap up gifts and visit our relatives who celebrate Christmas :) It's been a while since I spent the occasion with them. I hope this will be one of many to come!

My sister, Serene, wrapping up the last few remaining gifts. She spent the whole night yesterday up until four in the morning to get the job done.

Handing out the presents was definitely fun than receiving them. My brother, Dwen, is holding up my cousin's son as he looks slightly confused about Santa's intention. He's definitely aware of his birth date I guess, or maybe wondering if the present would bite him.

Behold, the three beautiful magical princesses from a mighty kingdom. My cousins' children make wonderful models, don't you think? :)

I don't know what these are doing behind my aunt's kitchen... I wonder if horseshoe crab is tasty at all...? Hmm...


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