Tuesday, December 25, 2007


My cousin's relative got married last Saturday, So I had the privilege of attending a semi-traditional wedding held in Tuaran (about an hour's drive from Kota Kinabalu). I love the fact that they preserve the flavour of being Sabahan; which of course include a band of gongs, Sumazau dances, traditional garbs, and karaoke. We East Malaysians really love our karaoke sets! :)

This band hails from the Tuaran district. It's sad to see that there isn't a single young face there. I'm well aware that many youngsters nowadays in Sabah are not interested in playing it anymore (in account of not being cool or in flow with the modern world). It'll be a while before this tradition will die out.

A bevy of beauties in the traditional KadazanDusun garb. Far left is the style from the Penampang district, whereas the other two are of Tuaran District. To be honest, the getup isn't exactly complete without a few straps of himpogot and tangkong on their waist.

Himpogot: a belt of British colonial coins; before then, seashells or possibly beautifully crafted stones that can be passed down from mother to daughter

Tangkong: a belt of brass rings looped through thin strips of rattan

The materials are made of black commercial fabric: silk or velvet for ceremonial occasions, cotton (vernacular tuit) for daily wear.

A little girl in her traditional garb. Simply adorable, isn't she?

The Sumazau. The dance comprises of spreading your arms sideways and pointing your fingers upwards, or alternate to hanging your arms down after a sharp trill of "kiiiiiheiii!!", all the while moving to the slow rhythmic beat of the gongs. It is suggested that the dance simulates an eagle in flight. Notice the bands of cloth strapped onto their shoulder. If a guy or a girl hands it to you during a Sumazau Dance, that means you are chosen to be his or her partner in that dance.

The proud groom and his beautiful bride cutting the cake. The groom is my cousin's first cousin, and his wife is of Bugis descent from Lok Kawi. The groom's sister can really bake chocolate moist cakes that will have you fighting for more!

The bride's full display of wedding dress, complete with matching flower girls! Simply gorgeous!

For more information about KadazanDusun cultures, visit http://www.kdca.org.my/

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