Monday, February 4, 2008


I need a certain degree of comfort when it comes to drawing. It doesn't have to be my environment nor the tools, but how familiar I am with using them or handling the subject. But when you approach them digitally, then it's a whole new thing altogether as the question is how well it can simulate the real deal. As I pretty much depend on my pc to explore my capabilities, it's definitely a let down when my previous tablet has started to give up on me... yet again. I guess that's what you get when you buy a dubious product in a rush and out of desperation.

Thus, I've set out to get myself a new tablet. I've not a deep pocket, so a Cintiq and an Intuous is out of the question for me. After making several researches on the new line of Wacom product, the Bamboo Fun (, it seems like the next best choice. It costs RM380 in Sunway Pyramid, and it comes with a bundled software (which includes PhotoImpact and CorelPainter) and get this: a mouse, which is wireless and don't require batteries. Sweet.

The moment I've entered my apartment, I wasted no time to set it up and tested it immediately while I was on the phone. The verdict? It was really smooth, albeit the heaviness of the stylus. It doesn't really glide across the surface like its predecessor, the Graphire; rather, you feel as if there's some texture which somewhat created a firm drag between the tip of the pen and the tablet. Very nice.

However, my only miff is the mouse. My guess that if you need to use it, it is better to buy the bigger Bamboo Fun. Mine is 5.8X3.6 inches, and that makes it feel a little awkward as the mouse is bigger than the working area (yes, it only works on the tablet). That would limit your movement to only your wrist instead of your elbow... definitely uncomfortable. And then there is another one of my woes - I'm ambidextrous. I do write and draw with my left, but I handle the mouse with my right. Looks like my desk will have to handle two mice then.

My overall rating for the product would be a 7.5 out of 10. Even if its functions need to get used to, you have to love how it looks (especially its shortcut buttons). Conclusion: I love my new tablet.

A small test while I was on the phone with my mom and uncle. It took me 40 minutes to complete, and I have no desire to polish it anyway. Gong Xi Fatt Chai everyone!

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BlackGargie said...

Holy mahogany, you got a tablet too? I have one as well. Well, not as nice as a Wacom tablet or anything. The brand is 'Genius' or something like that. Got that last Christmas from my darling boyfriend~! :D I'm having a blast with it!