Sunday, February 10, 2008


Whenever my sim visits the community lot, toddlers and baby can never be brought/seen there. Somehow, one fine day, my Sim gets invited to an outing. I love it when funny glitches happen...

Beau Broke learns how to pull out a chair and sits on it by himself

He decides on what to gum on

When that's not enough, he wants ice cream

Bored of being grown up, he crawls away to "important things at home"... alone.

The dormitory ghost doing a funky dance. The thing with Sims 2 University is that whenever an npc steps into his or her room, they become invisible. So this 'ghost' just wasn't fully materialized after she stepped out (another fond Sims 2 glitch). As for miss pale-face, nobody told her to stay outside in the snow for four hours.

"Hoit! Can't you see I'm busy here?!"

My sim, Ashton. Nerds are hot... :P

Ashton being super sexy in the shower... hee hee...!

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Hanie said...


He's really so darn cute T___T Now look what you've done