Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Blunt Scissors

Emotion is a strange thing. It creates a motion of action. Like ripples, it affects the sequence of what will happen - some inappropriate, some for the better. Strangely enough, it may behave as a defense mechanism. And yet, they can be torturous.

Anguish, I think, is the perfect word of knowing that you have been betrayed or disappointed. It compiles of feeling murderous, hurt, despair, numb, and sometimes hollow. It is normally caused by broken trust, which can easily be layered under a mask of smile. But in truth, mental and emotional pain runs deeper than external scars, so even years of trying to forgive and forget can be impossible.

Sometimes, they damage you for a lifetime. Those are threads you can never mend.

I have not forgotten.


Ms eNVy said...

In my opinion .. forgiving seems easy but forgetting is the hardest thing to do .. but life has to go on .. and bitterness sometimes can hurt .. so don't take tht road .. take it from me .. I know .. *hugs* ..

Raccoon General said...

The human sub conscious is a powerful thing. It is also something that can be nurtured by the conscious mind through forms of encouragement; positive or negative.

I can lend you the book I read that discusses the matter, but it is enough for me to say that I have faith that you can see it through in the end, so long as u believe. :D

As in Gurren Lagann, believe in me who believes in you... haha

[Large and in charge] said...

Whoa! Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. Your Kak G, has alot of fury and, I'd rather face hell than her fury.

Hanie said...

nicely written! I can't put it in better words myself.

Sometimes, the best we can do is move on and live the best we can T__T

Mel Celestial said...

Thanks guys. The road to recovery/closure is easier with people like you *hugs*