Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Cupcakes

Since my new place comes with a built-in oven, my housemate and I thought that we might as well try our hands at baking (something I have never done before, eep!). I decided to use the recipe for rich chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate-mint ganache topped with mint buttercream from this site, whereas he went for steamed/baked banana cupcakes. Of course, I had to make do without a lot of stuffs I could not find while I was shopping for the ingredients and utensils for baking (resulting in scratching chocolate-mint ganache filling off the list). Most of these are taken with my handphone, so you'll have to forgive me for the poor quality of pictures.

Pouring the contents into the cupcake papers and tray.


Lovely, lovely oven....

Letting the first batch cool down.

Making the buttercream frosting. Sadly, I could not find any peppermint extract. Therefore, I had to substitute it with vanilla flavouring.

Preparing the cupcakes for frosting.

White turd! :-O
The end result. I'm so glad that the recipe and direction is easy to follow, and it even tastes satisfactory despite the missing minty flavour (grumble). Also, no one has had a stomach ache after shelving it into their bellies.

For those who are wondering, my kitchen is still intact and stain-free. Mission accomplished.


Raccoon General said...

I want! :P

Mel Celestial said...

Gonna have to wait until after the holidays, then :P need to restock the ingredients and bake a new batch