Monday, March 2, 2009

Curious Object

Another sketch that was supposed to be a Mass Effect fan art. I really wanted to draw Commander Shepard. And then, I was too lazy to look up reference. Next thing I know, I can't even draw armor nor guns. In the end, it's a clueless space recruit looking over a puzzling item. An hour and some in Photoshop.


Raccoon General said...

it aint too bad. Granted she's holding a gun dat seems like the shotgun, though feels a little stubby... and i think the pistol is on the other side of her hip..hahaha.... such a gaming freak i am... anyways cool cool

Mel Celestial said...

Thanks Andri :) I could put the gun on her other hip, but her silhouette might suggest a disturbing figure then :b I should learn how to draw guns *rolls on the floor lazily*