Monday, March 23, 2009

The Shy One

Deers and its likes are naturally shy creatures, unless if they are provoked then they will surely skewer you with their antlers or crack ribs with their hooves. Other than that, they make tasty meals.

I remember reading a Sabahan folklore once: A very poor but hardworking man and his dog were going about their orchard, but his dog suddenly kept barking at some mysterious clumps of coconuts. Confused since he does not have any coconut tree in his orchard, he took them home and planted them in his backyard.

Somehow, the coconut trees grew overnight, and it produced the best fermented coconut drink in the whole region. Because of that, he became royally drunk quite often and in time, neglected his family and orchard thoroughly. His wife became very sore about this.

One night, while he was passed out on the steps of their home, his wife took a machete. She climbed up the coconut tree, and then she began to hack the leaves off. In his sleep, the man was visited by a deity with the head of a deer. The deity scolded him; the coconuts were meant as gifts for his hard work, but because of his forgetful ways, the deity decided to take the trees back.

The man immediately woke up to his wife's screaming and son's crying. He ran off to his backyard, only to find the trees gone. He looked up to the skies, and found a constellation which resembled a bald coconut tree and its companion. Strangely enough, he spotted a figure clinging onto the bald tree. The man is left poor again, and worked extra hard to raise his son alone.

I would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me which book this tale is from.


Jeff Mahadi said...

Hey Mel! I'm up for venison XD haha Quite the sad tale.

Sorry I can't tell u which book it's from coz I just read it on your blogger XD;;; Amazon perhaps?

Mel Celestial said...

Venison sounds good, Jeff *drool*
I read the story when I was in primary school (it was in Malay). I can remember the other stories that came with it too, but not the title of the book nor its publisher. I guess I should have paid more attention to it :P.