Friday, July 25, 2008

KING redesigned

Every week, would have this character redesign battle, and this week's challenge is CAPCOM VS. SNK. The creative folks of Saladin Team got together, and my contribution is King of King of Fighters. She was previously a club bouncer under Howard Geese, and her fighting style is Muay Thai.

Her original design is just a maroon tux with a yellow waist band, and I redesigned her to some 1920's-1930'2 mob bodyguard after remembering Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal and Blacksad.

(Pardon the horrible anatomy and pasty colours. It was put together in 1 and a half hours just before coming to work, so I wasn't able to give it enough love :(

1 comment:

Hanie said...

well it looks a whole lot better than my Blue Mary! XD