Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Street Smart Sketch pre-production

Like any production, it takes a lot into creating an animated short, even if it is only 1 minute long. Plus, I worked on the project away from my family during most of the time, so I had to clarify a lot of things through emails (storyboard for the general flow and look, conceptualizing the looks, animatics/block animation for timing, and the final animation).

Sadly, I lost most of my works when my PC was reformatted by accident, including the final model for the mammoth and some backgrounds. It's a good thing I had a small backup which I found almost a year later.

Ribut's initial design by my mom. They don't have a tablet at home. Dunno why his head refuses to show:

Here is the storyboard that was pitched to my mom.


The star of the show, the potato man in action! Modeled in Desktop Maya, textured with Adobe Photoshop. I think I'm quite satisfied with the final look. It was supposed to be a simple short with minimal animation anyway.


Modeled it after my little brother's toy car which was used for the play (I didn't think that old thing could still work). Again, I'm happy with how this turned out. Low ploy models always make my day easier.

The few repetitive stuffs that was thrown into the background and foreground. Done with Photoshop and lots of alpha maps.

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