Sunday, April 26, 2009

I don't care if it's made for guys

I was supposed to post this up earlier last week, but I had other duties to attend to. Anyway, some sweet purchase off ebay: a limited edition Boba Fett Hoodie tailored by Marc Ecko (until someone will try to pirate this in Petaling Street, but it can never be as swell as the original!)

Kitty face not included.

Loving the helmet details <3

There is also a Storm Trooper hoodie to go with this, but I'm not that fond of white fabrics since I can't really keep my sleeves clean at all times. My husband, who is an absolute Star Wars fan, was going bonkers (I bought it for myself). But hey, I did offer to get him the white Princess Leia outfit.

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Raccoon General said...

You should tell omar, hes a big boba fett freak :P

awww lookatdat kittyface :P