Tuesday, April 28, 2009


For those who don't know, 'kasturi' means lime.

After days (or weeks?) of putting it off, I've finally purchased the official license for Paint Tool Sai! Yay! Hopefully this will encourage me to utilize it more after being deprived of it.

Anyway, here is another character for The Fisherman's Son project. Her design is based on traditional Malay, and she is quite adept with the art of Silat Gayung. Naturally disciplined, she is also terribly a no-nonsense humourless warrior. However, she still enjoys feminine pleasures like painting her fingertips with henna and she absolutely enjoys long baths.


maelvian said...

The first time when I looked at your picture, I really was very impressed by the beautiful style you have. I also sketch (in my spare time) but my level is much lower than yours .... I hope your project does work.-

Mel Celestial said...

Thanks :) but I'm sure that as long as we go at it, we will be better. I'm still learning as I go along.