Thursday, April 9, 2009


Simply playing with a "what if" - should the guppy and her human companion need to cross the town, they would need help from a witch who is in debt to the boy. The guppy would turn into human temporarily, and she will need to learn how to use those feet really quick. The clothes would be a gift from the witch, who takes a liking to the guppy (since she reminded her of her long dead daughter). Her outfit is based on traditional Javanese.

Painted in Paint Tool Sai.


Raccoon General said...

Hot Chick Alert!! Hahaha~!

Really, Javanese outfit on a blonde? hmmm hearing dat just makes it sound like it wont work, but upon seeing it, I guess... it does work! Hurrah~! She really does have a confused look to her, nice touch.

Now.... do the witch! I wanna see u do the witch!!

Aya said...


reminds me of little mermaid XD

Mel Celestial said...

ANDRI: Now, now, this is just a what if :) I don't want to get people's hopes up. But if it makes you happy, I will put up more chicks in this site for you to drool on... that's all I'm good at anyway -_-

AYA: Similar to that, but not exactly since I am not referencing the project to that story at all. Plus, this is just a what if for my project ;)

Raccoon General said...

Making more hot chicks to drool as is the best thing to be good at...